• The RUMNUT Computer Package is a suite of programs that takes the latest, complex, international (UK, French, USA, Australia)  feeding standards and uses the power of the computer to resolve the mathematical complexities of their application whilst the user can concentrate on the 'art' of ration formulation. In version 5.2 for Windows the user can select to assess rations by any combination of five international protein assessment systems. Once an initial ration has been drawn up changes can be made rapidly to determine the best combination of ingredients for a specific ration and an integral 'ration advisory system' used to identify any potential rationing problems . The program is available in a range of formats and in now in use on over 600 sites through-out the world.
  • The current version (5.2) has modules for Dairy, Beef, Suckler cows and Sheep as well as a feed management module. It is written in Visual basic and will run under Windows XP and 7 but is unlikley to run in the new Windows version due for release by Microsoft in Q3, 2012
  • Version 6 of RUMNUT is written in Excel (Office 2007). It is trimmed down version of ver 5.2 and at present is in beta-testing. Initially there will only be a Dairy Cow module working under the UK FiM (2004) system and the software will be 'shareware' available for free downloads to all who want it.
  • Please see the Downloads page for the latest availability of demo copis of both versions of the program.
  • Please contact Tom Chamberlain for the latest situation.