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Papers & Presentations

Reviewed Publications

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Conference Presentations

Chamberlain, A.T. 2018 Fundamentals of milking goat and sheep nutrition Dairy Sheep and Goat Conference, Bristol, UK 18-19 February

Chamberlain, A.T. Wilkinson, J.M., Bolsen, B.B. 2016 Ash Concentrations in Silages can beused to Assess Avoidable Top LayerLosses Due to Aerobic Spoilage in Siloson Commercial Farms in Rajčáková, L. (Ed) Proceedings, 17th International Conference Forage Conservation, HornýSmokovec, Slovak Republic, 27-29 September 2016, pp. 173-174.

Chamberlain, A.T. 2015 The effect of heat stress on milking dairy cows in Britain Soc Feed Tech Conf 23 April 2015

Chamberlain, A.T. 2014The use of bespoke data-loggers for the long term assessment of the building environment in calf housing in South England. BCVA Congress 16-18 October

Chamberlain, A.T. 2013 The role of the vet in dairy cow nutrition: When and why should practitioners get involved? London Vet Show 21-22 Nov 2013

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Chamberlain, A.T. 2013 The routine use of Latvian milk recording data to assess herd production and fertility performance on commercial dairy farms Baltic Animal Breeders and Genetics Conference Riga, Latvia, 11-12 Sept 2013

Chamberlain, A.T. 2012 Practical Tools to Monitor Cow Health and PerformanceSoc Feed Tech Conf April 2012

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