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Clinical Dairy Cow Nutrition (CD) Clinical Dairy Cow Nutrition (CD)
JM Wilkinson and CE Humphreys
The Feeding of Ruminants The Feeding of Ruminants
E R Ørskov
Feeding the Dairy Cow Feeding the Dairy Cow
A T Chamberlain and J M Wilkinson
Maize: Producing and Feeding Maize Silage Maize: Producing and Feeding Maize Silage
J M Wilkinson, D M Allen and G Newman
Organic Grassland Organic Grassland
J Newton
Organic Livestock Farming Organic Livestock Farming
Edited by D Younie and J M Wilkinson
Rationing Beef Cattle Rationing Beef Cattle
(Second Edition)

D Allen
Silage Silage
J M Wilkinson
Suckled Calf Production Suckled Calf Production
(Second Edition)

R Fuller
World Silage World Silage
J M Wilkinson and M I Toivonen
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