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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

There is an ever-growing range of data streams available from dairy farms that can be used to measure and monitor performance of the cows, milking parlour, mixer wagon, calf feeder etc. The most common and most uniform type of recording is milk recording through companies such as NMR, CIS and QMMS. Milk records contain a wealth of data but to get the most out of it the data needs analysing consistently and regularly and presenting precisely and graphically. Any such analysis will always show up changes so some statistical interpretation is needed to sort out the wiggly lines from the real changes.

We have developed Herd Performance Reviews to analyse and present data from a farms milk recording records. The analyses are targeted at monitoring performance and production and comprise 48 assessments looking at herd size, culling, milk production and quality as well as cell counts and reproductive performance.

Reviews can be run as often as required and once access is set up the analyses are emailed through automatically within days of the milk recording.

Please contact us if you would like to see a demonstration of the review system on a herd you currently work with.

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